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Energy efficiency in large scale distributed systems (COST Action IC0804)

Energy efficiency in large scale distributed systems (COST Action IC0804)

23/1/2009 - 4/5/2013

Luís Neves, MC Member

The main objective of the Action is to foster original research initiatives addressing energy awareness/saving and to increase the overall impact of European research in the field of energy efficiency in distributed systems. The goal of the Action is to give coherence to the European research agenda in the field, by promoting coordination and encouraging discussions among the individual research groups, sharing of operational know-how (lessons-learned, problems found during practical energy measurements and estimates, ideas for real-world exploitation of energy aware techniques, etc.).The Action objectives can be summarized on scientific and societal points of view: sharing and merging existing practices will lead the Action to propose and disseminate innovative approaches, techniques and algorithms for saving energy while enforcing given Quality of Service (QoS) requirements. Notably the different leverages must be regarded together since they might influence each other (deliverables: position paper/survey on existing practices; innovative ideas guidelines/brochures, workshop proceedings, book on the projects topic, summer schools). The Action will create a common forum bridging scientific societies from various origins in computer science from architecture to applications (deliverables: project wiki, discussion lists, postings at popular scientific forums, newsletters). The Action will take particular care of the openness and the applicability of the proposed solutions in a wide spectrum of distributed systems (deliverables: best-case scenarios lists, white papers on Good practices). To broaden the Action societal impact, it will support and raise consciousness in energy saving for different audiences: system administrators, experienced scientists and engineers, industry CEO, general public, etc (deliverables: everyday guides and leaflets, web portal and wiki, blogs of the projects partners, newsletters). To perfect the adoption of energy awareness, the Action will devise economic studies and evaluate gains from energy savings of the different leverages (deliverables: statistical summary and overview).