INESC Coimbra


IMMO - Install, Monitor and Multi-Otimization

Title: IMMO - Install, Monitor and Multi-Otimization

Coordinator at INESCC: C. Henggeler Antunes

Dates start/end: 06-2015 / 06-2017

Entity: Co-promoção Portugal 2020; ISA


The objective of the project is develop a solution for the downstream sector of Oil&Gas market, namely for the tank telemetry domain, encompassing all the business processes from installation through data validation and availability ending in customer operations optimization.
The project includes six activities, of which the key activities are technical specifications, research, development and prototyping as well as validation of the solution in real environment. The expected result will be deliver a complete solution that allow ISA customers to reduce the number of tanks drops and increase the amount of gas per delivery.