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Multicriteria Routing in MPLS and WDM Networks

Title: Multicriteria Routing in MPLS and WDM Networks

Coordinator: José Craveirinha

Dates start/end: April 2010 / October 2013

Entity: FCT (PTDC/EEA-TEL/101884/2008)

Participating institutions: Centre of Operational Research of FCUL (Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon) and Nokia-Siemens Networks

Synopsis: The main objectives of the project are the development of new multicriteria routing approaches dedicated to IP/MPLS and WDM networks and the study of model specification and model resolution (that is the resolution of associated optimisation problems in a multicriteria sense) as well as the assessment of performance issues associated with multicriteria resilient routing. Ultimately we will seek the development and evaluation of an approach to routing which is innovative in terms of the underlying methodological paradigm. The application focus is on MPLS/IP and WDM optical networks with wavelength converters and is justified by the increasing relevance of these two types of network technologies for multiservice information transfer and physical transport, respectively, and their inherent capabilities. In the case of MPLS networks the impact of the establishment of an explicit route and a reservation route in terms of load balancing costs in the routes and the minimisation of delay bounds along the routes will be taken into account through appropriate objective functions. In the case of optical networks we will take into account the fault probabilities in the links and their impact in terms of loss of optical connections, through appropriate cost functions for the active and protection paths.

The project itself is focused on the development of new multicriteria routing models and algorithms for solving the models and on network performance analysis (in a multicriteria sense) using the developed methods. This will require the implementation of analytic-numerical models for performance analysis and specialised discrete-event simulation platforms that will also enable the comparison of network performance when using other proposed routing approaches. At methodological level particular attention will be paid to the development of exact algorithms, namely multicriteria shortest path algorithms, multicriteria shortest pairs of disjoint path algorithms or meta-heuristics dedicated to specific multicriteria routing problems and to multicriteria methods for ordering and selecting routing solutions.