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VRTUOSI - Virtual Mobility in Decision Sciences

VRTUOSI - Virtual Mobility in Decision Sciences

UE - Lifelong Learning Programme - Erasmus Programme  

Outubro 2009 - Setembro 2011

David Rios Ínsua (URJC, Espanha) / C. H. Antunes, L. Dias, M. J. Alves

Although the Erasmus exchange scheme at undergrad level has been of of the great successes of the EU, its implementation at postgraduate level, specially with mature students, presents some problems as they may find it more difficult to have time to leave their current location for family of job reasons. At the same time, the Lisbon objectives, and other governmental and private reports, acknowledge the urgent need to train IT specialists with management and quantitative skills, and management specialists with an IT quantitative profile. VRTUOSI addresses both needs, by developing a set of highly tuned postgraduate courses in the broad fields of Decision Sciences & Technologies that will be provided to the world educational community. Courses are delivered by leading European teams in the field of Decision Sciences & Technologies and recognized as free elective 3 ECTS courses at the participating universities.