UC Strategic Plan 2011-2015

One day for the UC’s future

A set of initiatives was developed to raise awareness among the academic community of the context of change, promote reflection and widespread debate on the challenges we are confronted with at present and in the near future, and involve all the stakeholders in the search for the ideas and paths that will help us overcome those challenges in the coming years.

The initiatives undertaken over several months and, in particular, the various sessions of One day for the UC’s future have enabled everyone to participate actively: the teaching staff, non-teaching staff (through their representatives), students (members of UC bodies and Organic Units, students groups and heads of the Student Union), researchers (Research Centres and Units, Associate Laboratories, and Non-Profit Private Associations).

Considering the important role the University of Coimbra expects from its former students and the contribution they could make to a process such as this, their involvement was deemed crucial as well, through the participation of Rede UC (alumni network).

The employers or prospective employers of our graduates and other outside partners were also heard, as were the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education or the Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education (A3ES).

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