UC Strategic Plan 2011-2015

Planning process

More than a legal demand or a best practice, the planning process is a structured anticipation of the future, an opportunity to map the University's path in accordance with its vision, and must be designed in such a way as to make that vision real.

We believe the strategic planning will have actual benefits because...

... the process requires that special attention be paid to external trends;
... All Faculties and Units, present and former students, teaching, non-teaching and researching staff are involved, thus ensuring that each group may contribute a unique perspective to the process;
... during the planning process the University is thus given valuable information about the areas in which positive results have been achieved and those in which improvement is needed;
... the involvement of external stakeholders shall promote the continuous support and participation in the construction of the University’s future;
... this involvement allows for those who shoulder greater responsibilities in its implementation to know the plan and its underpinnings. This also facilitates the sharing of goals and an increased feeling of belonging. Involving all levels of the University’s management further allows for its strategic purpose to be upheld even in times of change in its leadership, which will undoubtedly contribute to greater governing stability.