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The international refugee crisis. What role for European higher education?

The escalating refugee crisis has become the burning issue among Europe´s higher education stakeholders and it is accompanied by numerous challenges and few clear-cut solutions. At different paces and urgency levels, the academic community in Europe is responding to the alarming situation and joining forces with other stakeholders in order to best deal with it.

The International Relations Unit participated in the Seminar "The International refugee crisis. What role for European higher education?", in Brussels.

The participants were representatives of international and European institutions, public institutions, associations of higher education and universities.

Some conclusions:

- Need of coordination accross all European countries (exchange of best practices, recognition of credit points, lack of documents, etc.).

- Ensuring flexible conditions, procedures and processes for the recognition of degrees and diplomas, periods of study an prior learning, in line with the Lisbon Recognition Convention.

- It is necessary to find long therm solutions and develop mechanisms for cooperation with governments, academic institutuions, NGO's and committees for refugees.

-  It must be taken into account the expectations of refugees.

The European University Association (EUA) presented the plaftorm This platform provide opportunities for peer learning and exchange of good practices.

The European Union also promotes the dissemination of initiatives in higher education.

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