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About Us

Here you’ll find all the information to visit the University of Coimbra – its history, the spaces that you might visit and other essential information.


Get to know all the main events and rectors who marked the history of the oldest University in the country. 

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Visiting Campus

Here you’ll find all the information about the reasons why the University of Coimbra is an unique institution. Get to know why over 200 thousand people a year visit us. 

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Here you can access the latest edition of the annual publication which is a numeric portrait of the University and also the Management Report and Financial records of the Public Group of the University of Coimbra. 

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Image Bank

In this area, you will find several images related to the University of Coimbra, which can be used for journalistic purposes only.

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Locations and Contacts

In this area you have information about all the locations and contacts of the University of Coimbra, organized by areas of interest. 

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