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Rectors from the 13th to the 16th century

From its foundation until the end of the 16th century, the University of Coimbra consolidated its position as a centre for the education of the elites of an empire where the sun never set.

During that period (starting in 1288, when the Plea to Pope Nicholas IV was made, until 1597), the University had 64 rectors, a number of whom were outstanding political and cultural figures.

1288 – Friar André Ursinus, professor of Holy Fathers (?)

1290 – Master Gerardo, professor of Theology

? – Master Agostinho Belo, professor of Arts and later of Theology

1330 – Master Simão da Cruz, professor of Theology

1367-68 – Gonçalo Miguéis, bachelor of Canons

- Prior of São Jorge, bachelor of Canons

1378-79 – D. Martinho Domingues, canon of Évora

1384-86 – Lançarote Esteves

1387 – Lopo Martins, priest

1388 – Vicente Afonso

1390 – Lançarote Esteves

1393 – Vasco Esteves, vicar of S. Tomé

1396 – Vasco de Freitas

? – Salvador Rodrigues, dean of Guarda

1398 – Vicente Afonso

1400 – Dr. João das Regras, doctor from the University of Bologna

1408 – Friar João Vargas, professor of Theology

1415 – Rodrigo Anes, prior of São Pedro de Alenquer

1417 – D. Pedro Escacha

1418 – João Afonso, scholar of Laws (serving as rector on behalf of D. Pedro)

1429 – Vasco Gil, scholar of Canons

1431 – Vasco Estêvão, vicar of S. Tomé

1435 – Vasco Gil

1440 – Pedro Esteves

1441 – Gonçalo Martins, scholar of Canons

1442 – Gomes Afonso

1449 – João de Elvas, Hora Prima professor of Canons

- Gonçalo Garcia de Elvas, Hora Prima professor of Laws

1458 – João de Elvas, Hora Prima professor of Canons

- Bartolomeu Gomes – Hora Prima professor of Laws

1487 – Fernão Lopes

1493 – Álvaro Martins, the Queen’s chaplain, bachelor of Laws

1494 – Rodrigo Caldeira, Hora Prima professor of Canons

1495 – Álvaro Martins

- Master João da Madalena

1499 – D. Francisco Mendes, Bishop of Fez, King Manuel’s master

1506 – Brás Afonso Correia

1511 – Diogo da Gama

1512 – Dr. João Alves de Elvas

1513 – D. João, Bishop of Safim

1518 – Rui Gonçalves, High Rank Official of the King’s High Court of Justice

1525 – Dr. Jorge Costa, of the King’s High Court of Justice and Court Magistrate

1526 – Dr. Cristóvão da Costa, of the King’s High Court of Justice

1527 – Dr. Fernando Álvares de Almeida, of the King’s High Court of Justice and Chief Judge

1528 – The Bishop of Lamego refused, and the former rector remained in office.

1529 – Francisco de Melo, of the King’s Council

1531 –Gonçalo Pires was elected, but the former rector remained in office.

1532 – Francisco de Melo

1533 – Álvaro Esteves, of the King’s High Court of Justice

1534 – Álvaro Esteves

1535-36 – Dr. Jorge Fernandes, of the King’s High Court of Justice

1536 – Dr. Pedro Nunes, of the King’s High Court of Justice and Rector, who served until the University returned to Coimbra.

1537 – D. Garcia de Almeida, rector at the time the University was definitively transferred to Coimbra.

1537-41 – D. Agostinho Ribeiro (O.S. João Evangelista), the first rector coming from a religious Order and the first to fulfil the duties of cancellarius.

1541-43 – D. Friar Bernardo da Cruz (O.P.), the sole Dominican to attain the post of rector. He was also the first of a series of rectors connected to the Court of the Holy Inquisition, and was charged by Cardinal Prince Henry with establishing the Inquisition Office in Coimbra.

1543-55 – Friar Diogo de Murça (O.S. Jerónimo), the first to hold the degree of Doctor (in Theology); the sole rector coming from the Order of Saint Hieronymus.

1555-57 – Afonso do Prado, Castilian; Doctor in Theology from the University of Alcalá. He was the sole rector who was also a teacher at the University until the D. André de Almada was appointed.

1557-60 – D. Manuel de Meneses, the first rector to attend the University as a student, and the first to be appointed for a period of three years being sworn in before the Full Cloister. Under this rector, a great issue between the University and the Jesuits began.

1560-63 – D. Jorge de Almeida. When he took office, he was under 30, the required age to serve as rector. Queen Catherine exempted him from that requirement.

1563-64 – Martim Gonçalves da Câmara, Jesuit priest. He was appointed by the Regent, Queen Catherine.

1564-69 – D. Aires da Silva

1570-78 – D. Jerónimo de Meneses

1578-84 – D. Nuno de Noronha

1586-94 – D. Fernão Martins Mascarenhas

1594-97 – António de Mendonça. Under this rector, on September 16, 1597 the University of Coimbra purchased the Royal Palace of Alcáçova for 30,000 cruzados, which included 15,000 cruzados lent to the crown in 1584.

Documento da compra do Paço Real da Alcáçova - 1597

Document of the purchase the Royal Palace of Alcáçova • 1597