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  • marta simões

    New CeBER project will research the contribution of the Welfare State to economic resilience in Portugal

    The Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology has approved the 3-yr project WISER Portugal – Welfare Intervention by the State and Economic Resilience in Portugal, led by Marta Simões (PI) and Adelaide Duarte (co-PI). This project studies the relationship between the Welfare State and long run macroeconomic performance in Portugal, highlighting the influence of the Welfare State on inequality and human capital accumulation.

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  • FundaçãoFMS

    New CeBER project funded by Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos

    This project, funded by FFMS ensuing an open call for proposals, investigates the firms’ financial constraints during and in the aftermath of the 2008–2013 Portuguese Great Recession. The project team is constituted by Carlos Carreira, Paulino Teixeira, and a PhD student.

  • Conversas sobre economia

    Talking about economics / Conversas sobre economia

    CeBER and the University of Coimbra's Economics faculty are collaborating with RUC, the Coimbra University Radio, in a series of programs "Talking about Economics / Conversas sobre economia". Each program consists in 3-6 minutes of conversation about a current topic in economics (in broad sense) providing short answers to common questions of interest to society. Follow the link to listen to recorded episodes (in Portuguese).

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The Centre for Business and Economics Research was created to aggregate the research activity in these disciplines performed by researchers, faculty and students from the University of Coimbra, welcoming also researchers and faculty from other institutions. Since 2016, CeBER pursues the advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge, supporting the research activity of post-graduate students, and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration among its members, as well as collaboration with other research institutions. Currently, the research activity of CeBER is strategically oriented towards Organizational innovation and development, Institutions and policies for sustainable developmen, and Health decisions and policy.