Centre for Business and Economics Research - CeBER

Research Seminars

The research seminars promoted by CeBER aim at encouraging the discussion of ideas and stimulate the development of a network to support research in Economics and Business Management through the organization of regular meetings for the presentation of research papers on topics relevant to the achievement of the objectives of CeBER. In each seminar members of CeBER, PhD students and invited researchers present their work in progress. The seminars take place on Fridays,12.15/1.15 pm, Keynes Room, unless otherwise indicated.



October 20, 2017

Anf. 4.1

Cristovão Silva
Hibridização de meta-heurísticas e algoritmos de lista para a resolução de problemas de sequenciamento da produção

October 27, 2017

Keynes Room

Nélia Filipe
Phd student,  Management, FEUC
Austeridade e mudança de lógicas na gestão do desempenho humano: bem-estar psicológico, liderança e coordenação relacional em hospitais públicos

November 3, 2017

Keynes Room

Diogo Júdice
Doutorado em Optimização Não Linear, Universidade de Coimbra
Técnicas econométricas aplicadas ao mercado cambial
November 10, 2017
Keynes Room
Susana Jarmelo
Núcleo de Bibliometria da UC, IIIUC
November 17, 2017
Keynes Room
Sandra Tralhão
Phd student,  Management-CAD, FEUC
A avaliação de desempenho no quadro da regulação da qualidade do serviço
November 24,
Anf. 4.1
José Pinheiro
Phd student,  Management, FEUC

Past events

October 13, 2017António Alberto Santos
Intraday financial volatility evolution through stochastic volatility models including volume, durations and jumps
September 29, 2017Victor Chow
West Virginia University, USA
Mean-Swap variance, Stochastic Dominance Efficiency, and Asset Pricing
June 2, 2017Carlos Carreira Luís Peres Lopes
Collecting new pieces to the regional knowledge spillovers puzzle: A firm-based analysis of nonlinear effects and differences among industries in Portugal
May 26, 2017Carlos Pereira Freitas
ISEP - Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto
Impacto dos Mercados de Carbono (CO2) no Mercado de Energia Elétrica Ibérico (MIBEL)
May 19, 2017Inês Ferreira
PhD student, Un. of East Anglia, UK
Aid and economic growth in fragile states / Ajuda externa e crescimento económico em estados frágeis
May 5, 2017

Prof. Ana-Maria Bercu

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania

Challenges of Labour Relations in European Union. Are We on the Good Path?
April 28, 2017Nuno Baetas Silva
PhD student, Economics, FEUC
Decomposing the time-frequency effects of the European Structural Funds: An application to the Portuguese Economy
April 21, 2017Maria de Campos
PhD student in Law and Economics, European Doctorate in Law and Economics (EDLE)
Behavioural Economics and Regulation: Nudge as an instrument of (soft) regulation and the operational regulatory challenges of behaviourally informed regulation
April 7, 2017Maria Manuela Freire
PhD student, Gestão-CAD,FEUC
A framework for decision support in context-specific social web networks
March 31, 2017Elisabete Ramos
Decisão empresarial e proteção dos gestores
March 24, 2017Nuno Figueiredo
PhD student, Dout. EsF, UC
It is windy in Denmark: Does market integration suffer?
March 17, 2017
Room 4.2
João Paulo Costa
Computing Unsupported Nondominated Solutions in Multiobjective Linear Mixed Integer Fractional Programming
Authors: João Paulo Costa and Maria João Alves
March 10, 2017Nancy Huyghebaert
KU Leuven, Belgium
Influence of Acquirer Boards on M&A Value Creation.  Evidence from Continental Europe
February 3, 2017Filip Fidanoski
Luxembourg School of Finance, University of Luxembourg
Head, International Center for Emerging Markets Research, Moscow
Financial (In)stability in Selected Countries: What Did We Learn from the Crises
December 16, 2016José Soares da Fonseca
Selecting efficient portfolios with CAPM and Lower Partial Moments models
December 9, 2016João Fontes da Costa
HRM and Outcomes: from well-being to productivity, all crossroads included
December 2, 2016José Diogo
PhD Student in Management - Decision Aiding Science
The Cournot model with a risk event and considering the risk preferences of the decision-makers
November 25, 2016
Elias Soukiazis
Pedro Cerqueira
Growth adjustment through non-price competitiveness and productivity. A cumulative causation approach
November 18, 2016Maria Joelle
PhD Student in Management
Espiritualidade nas organizações e o impacto no sucesso: O novo paradigma da gestão
November 11, 2016Rui Pedro Brito
PhD Student in Economics, FEUC
Portfolio choice with high frequency data: CRRA preferences and the liquidity effect
November 4, 2016Carlos Carreira
Impact of economic crises on firm dynamics: The role of financial constraints