Centre for Business and Economics Research - CeBER

Working Papers

The CeBER Working Papers series presents mainly the current research of our members that covers a wide range of topics associated with the research lines of our centre, healthcare development, public institutions and policies for sustainable development, and organizational Innovation and development, with focus on small and medium-size enterprises. The working papers are available for download (PDF) in our website and they are also available through the RePEC database.

This series continues the Estudos do GEMF series (Archive) previously published by GEMF.

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CeBER WP No. 2018-06
Information Transmission Between Cryptocurrencies: Does Bitcoin Rule the Cryptocurrency World?
Pedro Bação, António Portugal Duarte, Hélder Sebastião & Srdjan Redzepagic

CeBER WP No. 2018-05
Endogenous Growth and Entropy
Tiago Neves Sequeira, Pedro Mazeda Gil & Óscar Afonso

CeBER WP No. 2018-04
Determinants of overall and sectoral entrepreneurship: evidence from Portugal
Gonçalo Brás & Elias Soukiazis

CeBER WP No. 2018-03
Young and healthy but reluctant to donate blood: An empirical study on attitudes and motivations of university students
Tiago Henriques & Carlota Quintal

CeBER WP No. 2018-02
The Iberian electricity market:Price dynamics and risk premium in an illiquid market
Márcio Ferreira & Hélder Sebastião

CeBER WP No. 2018-01
Health Investment and Long run Macroeconomic Performance:a quantile regression approach
Francisca Silva, Marta Simões & João Sousa Andrade


CeBER WP No. 2017-12
Deflation in the Euro Zone: Overview and Empirical Analysis
Pedro Bação & António Portugal Duarte

CeBER WP No. 2017-11
Fiscal Consolidation Programs and Income Inequality
Pedro Brinca, Miguel H. Ferreira, Francesco Franco, Hans A. Holter & Laurence Malafry

CeBER WP No. 2017-10
The interconnections between Renewable Energy, Economic Development and Environmental Pollution. A simultaneous equation system approach

Elias Soukiazis, Sara Proença & Pedro André Cerqueira

CeBER WP No. 2017-09
The Renminbi: A Warrior for Competitiveness?

Pedro Bação, António Portugal Duarte & Matheus Santos

CeBER WP No. 2017-08
Le Portugal et l`Euro

João Sousa Andrade

CeBER WP No. 2017-07
The Effect of Public Debt on Growth in Multiple Regimes in the Presence of Long-Memory and Non-Stationary Debt Series

Irina Syssoyeva-Masson & João de Sousa Andrade

CeBER WP No. 2017-06
The Blank and the Null: An examination of non-conventional voting choices
Rodrigo Martins

CeBER WP No. 2017-05
Where is the information on USD/Bitcoins hourly price movements?
Helder Sebastião, António Portugal Duarte & Gabriel Guerreiro

CeBER WP No. 2017-04

The response of non-price competitiveness and productivity due to changes in passed income gaps. Evidence from the OECD countries
Pedro André Cerqueira, Micaela Antunes & Elias Soukiazis

CeBER WP No. 2017-03
Dutch Disease in Central and Eastern European Countries

João Sousa Andrade & António Portugal Duarte

CeBER WP No. 2017-02
On the gains of using high frequency data and higher moments in Portfolio Selection

Rui Pedro Brito, Hélder Sebastião & Pedro Godinho

CeBER WP No. 2017-01
Growth adjustments through non-price competitiveness and productivity. A cumulative causation approach
Elias Soukiazis, Micaela Antunes & Pedro André Cerqueira