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Short bio

Marta Simões is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra and a researcher affiliated with the Centre for Business and Economics Research (CeBER), University of Coimbra. Her research interests include economic growth, human capital, innovation and applied econometrics. She is the author or co-author of over 40 publications in international scientific peer reviewed journals, book chapters and conference proceedings. She serves as a reviewer for several national and international publications and regularly attends international scientific conferences in her fields of research. She has participated in projects funded by the European Commission and the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. She has more than 20 years of teaching experience mostly in the field of Macroeconomics (BsC, Masters, PhD, MBA levels) and has supervised more than forty Master’s dissertations and one completed PhD thesis. She holds PhD, Masters and bachelor degrees in Economics from the Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra. She is currently vice-director of CeBER.


  • “WISER Portugal – Welfare Intervention by the State and Economic Resilience in Portugal”, POCI-01-0145-FEDER-029365 and PTDC/EGE-ECO/29365/2017, 2018-2021. Principal Investigator.
  • “IA2P – It’s All About productivity”, FCT Project PTDC/EGE-ECO/29822/2017, 2018-2021. Team member.
  • “Strengthening Higher Education in the Sphere of Finance in Siberia and Far East of Russia”, projeto TEMPUS-1-2013-1-RU-TEMPUS-JPCR, 2013-2015. Team member.
  • “Educação em Portugal”, Projeto nº 598 40 2012, PO Assistência Técnica FSE (QREN), December 2012 – December 2014. Team member.
  •  “Economics and Education in Portugal: Why and for Whom?”, Project FCT: PTDC/EGE-ECO/122126/2010, 2012-2014. Team member.
  • “Agriculture, natural resources, and economic growth: implications for rural policy in Serbia and Portugal”, Convénio/Acordo FCT – Cooperação Portugal/Sérvia, 2011-2012. Principal investigator.
  • 1986-2010: The Portuguese economy in the EU”, financed by the Portuguese Foudation for Science and Technology, 2010-2012. Team member.
  • Learning outcomes in the Portuguese basic and secondary school system”, financed by the Portuguese Ministry of Education, 2011. Team member.
  • 158885-TEMPUS-1-2009-1-FR-TEMPUS-JPCR, TEMPUS IV, “Master d'études européennes à double diplomation en Serbie” (MEUTUDES), 2010-2013. Team member.

Supervision of PhD Students

(2018) Externalties Foreign Direct Investment Backward and Forward Spillovers: Evidence from Portugal



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