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Short bio

PhD in Management from the University of Manchester (2000). Previously, he obtained a degree in Economics (FEUC, 1992) and a Masters in Management (ISCTE, 1995). He has been teaching marketing courses (e.g., Marketing research, Strategic marketing and Services marketing) at FEUC since 1992. He is currently Assistant Professor with Aggregation and researcher at CeBER. His research interests focus on marketing, with particular emphasis on the creativity, motivation and customer orientation of frontline employees, innovation, coproduction, brand loyalty and consumers’ ecological and financial behaviors. He has published in international journals such as the Journal of Retailing, Journal of Service Research, Journal of Product and Brand Management, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Industrial Marketing Management, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Affairs, International Journal of Selection and Assessment, Social Indicators Research, Service Industries Journal and the Journal of Happiness Studies, amongst others.

Supervision of PhD Students

(ongoing) Mindfulness as an antecedent of employee creativity: The mediating effect of emotional exhaustion, organizational commitment and job satisfaction
Business Management
(2018) Strategic Determinants of Adaptability
Business Management
(2016) Determinants and consequences of love for a brand: an empirical study
Business Management
(2015) Emotional intelligence and creativity: an empirical study
Business Management
(2014) Antecedents and consequences of organizational creativity
Business Management
(ongoing) Social Skills and the Creativity of Frontline Service Employees
Business Management
(ongoing) Decision makers' characteristics and export performance
Business Management
(ongoing) Brand building: Product Placement versus Yotube Ads
Business Management
(ongoing) The Role of Personality in Learning Strategies and Managers' Performance: a Study in Brazilian Banks
Business Management



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