Universo UC

Research Centres and Incubators

The University of Coimbra and its research centers are a Portuguese and international reference in the production of science, in many fields.

The University also develops an extensive array of activities supporting the transfer of knowledge, entrepreneurship and the development of the economic fabric. One of its aims is putting the University's scientific potential at the service of the economic and social development, which includes the combination of different fields of knowledge.

The production of knowledge at the University is made on a daily basis and is not limited to the information on this website. This is nevertheless a good starting place. For further information, visit the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research's websitethe remaining Education and Research Unitscontact the University or follow the links to the areas of knowledge (research centers) listed below.

The information about the scientific production is not limited to the information on this website. Nevertheless, this is a good starting place. For further information visit the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research's website, the remaining Education and Research Units or contact the University.

The University of Coimbra also has structures which aim its scientific potential integration under the pursuit of the economic and social tissues’ development, within the knowledge areas: