• Nónio (Portuguese) - This platform ensures the development of academic management system and its extension to the University. This system supports all processes of academic management at the University of Coimbra, also providing facilities foreducational support in the context of class.
  • SIIBUC (Portuguese) - The Integrated Service of Coimbra University Libraries is a service coordinatorof the libraries of the University of Coimbra, with the primary mission of managing the tasks common to all UC libraries, to ensure that access toinformation is best suited to needs of its users. Therefore, the SIIBUC fosterscooperation among them, promoting their development and networking.
  • Eduroam (Portuguese) - The wireless network at the University of Coimbra, Eduroam,  can be used by all teachers, students and employees who have an email account to a body of the University or any other institution that has joined the eduroam network.
  • DeGóis - The DeGóis Platform is a tool for collection, delivery and analysis of intellectual production, scientific and other information of Portuguese Researchers.