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Visiting researchers can book their accommodation in the university residences or in private rooms/ apartments registered in the accommodation platform of the University of Coimbra available online at http://apps.uc.pt/accommodation

The Welfare Services of the University of Coimbra (SASUC) provide accommodation in university residences located in the three university campuses, nearby the Faculties, Research Centres and other study facilities. The residences are furnished and equipped; there is weekly laundry service of bed clothing and bathroom towels, offering students great comfort and safety.

The University of Coimbra has also a special residence exclusive for visiting researchers, foreign scholars and their families. With 12 rooms - 6 T0 and 6 T1 - the Residência Universitária do Observatório Astronómico is located in the Santa Clara district, at the south bank of Mondego River, with a good service of public transportation.

Additional economic housing options in Coimbra can be found on the following sites: