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Health care

The international students, who are citizens of the EU Member-States, shall bring with them the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which gives them the right to access to medical assistance in any EU country. International students from other countries must have a private health insurance. This insurance will give them access to the Portuguese private medical practice services with which the insurance company has an agreement.

In some cases, within the framework of specific agreements between Portugal and other countries, the citizens of those countries may benefit from the use of specific medical assistance documents. This is the case of Brazil, where Brazilian citizens can ask for the CDAM document before travelling to Portugal. CDAM is a certificate that grants them the right to access medical assistance in Portugal under the same conditions as the Portuguese citizens in Portugal.

After arrival, to benefit from public medical assistance, students have to register in the health centre of their area of residence in Coimbra. The EHIC or the specific medical assistance certificates, the residence permit issued by SEF and the identification document are needed for the registration. After registering, students receive a health service user number (“número de utente”), which gives them access to the medical services of the Portuguese National Health Service (SNS), under the same conditions as the Portuguese citizens in Portugal. For instance, they will pay the same amounts, legally in force, for the provided health services.

Students with private health insurance documents have to proceed in the same way, but they will be subject to the payment of amounts different (usually higher) than the ones applied to students covered by the SNS, according to the law in force. Therefore, it is very important that students obtain the HEIC or the specific medical assistance certificates, when applicable to their home country, before travelling to Portugal.

To find out which is the health centre of your area of residence, contact the Health Regional Administration:

Administração Regional de Saúde do Centro, IP
Alameda Júlio Henriques, s/n Apartado 1087
3000-457 Coimbra, Portugal
Tel.: 239.796.800

Or search the web portal of the Ministry of Health of Portugal.

Medical Services of the University of Coimbra

The Welfare Services of the University of Coimbra offer several services the academic community, namely medical assistance at the Medical Services facilities located in Campus I.

The city has other public health units, for instance the hospitals of the Coimbra University Hospital Centre (CHUC)

>> For an overview of the Portuguese National Health Service, please check the Euraxess webpage available at