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Conferência do Prof. Doutor Shane Pill da Universidade de Flinders na Austrália


No dia 21 de setembro, o Prof. Doutor Shane Pill da Universidade de Flinders, na Austrália, duas conferências na Faculdade de Ciências do Desporto e Educação Física

Session 1

Associate Professor Shane Pill

Flinders University, Australia

Talk: 60 minutes

Title:Quality Physical Education

Physical education in Australia is guided by the Key Ideas: Focus on Educative Purpose, Take a Strengths Based Approach, Value Movement, and Include a Critical Inquiry Approach. In this talk, Shane will explain how each of these ideas influences PE pedagogy and content for enhanced learning outcomes in PE in Australian PE.

Session 2

Associate Professor Shane Pill

Flinders University, Australia

Practical (on the pitch): 90 minutes

Title:Using a player-centred Game Sense approach to teach sport in physical education

In this practical, participants will be involved in line invasion games through which Shane will demonstrate the use of game modifications to condition (or shape) the game for purpose, progressively developing a simple invasion game towards the game of Touch Football* (also known as Touch Rugby). Inquiry strategies will also be used to focus players thinking. Dress to be active.

*Originating in Australia in the 1960’s, Touch Football is one of the most popular community recreational sports, sports in PE, and school sports in Australia. It has become a sport played around the world. Portugal is a member of Federation of International Touch with a competition in Coimbra

Pre-session reading: Informing the Coaching Pedagogy of Game Modification in a Game Sense Approach with Affordance Theory