Projects 2003-2014


The Unit is managed by a Directive Commission composed of three elected members and by the Scientific Commission of all PhD researchers. The Principal Investigators of the groups constitute the Coordination Commission.

The research and technological development activities are carried out by the groups in research projects, sharing competencies and tasks inside and among groups, and also with other researchers and Research Units.

For an independent assessment of the activities and to have a wise guidance, the unit has just set up an External Scientific Advisor Committee (ESAC), made of national and international experts.

The responsibility for the management of the Unit is shared by the Directive Commission and the Scientific Commission. The distribution of the financing is controlled by the Directive Commission and they are approved by the Principal Investigators of the Groups (Coordination Commission).

The Scientific management of the Unit is done by the Scientific Commission, strongly implemented by the leadership of the Principal Investigators. One full session of the Scientific Commission is foreseen each year. The Coordination Commission meets whenever necessary.