Project 2015/2020

CGeo governance


This matrix structure favors the groups cooperation in projects, services and publications. As a consequence of these strategic changes, the governance of CGeo is also modified. It will have five units: the board, the plenum, the projects committee, the external advisors team and the stakeholders panel.

  • The board remains as the major governing body, led by CGeo PI and the PIs of the three research groups. It will keep the coherence of activities, manage the available resources, produce the center’ global plans and reports. The board will meet every three month, or at any time upon request of one of its members.
  • The plenum also remains similar, grouping all the eligible members of CGeo, to discuss the main strategic priorities and to elect the PI (the groups electing their own PIs).
  • The projects and deliverables committee integrates the research lines leaders, the laboratories coordinators and a board representative. It meets every semester, or when the board requests, and secures the best adequacy of available resources to the research projects, but also the possible articulation of projects from different research lines.
  • The external advisors team integrates three experts, that will produce yearly assessments on the reports of activities and scientific results achieved by CGeo. These advisors may be renewed for a maximum of three years each.
  • The stakeholders panel will be constituted by external institutions, research producers of demanders, that have a steady relation with CGeo. They will be asked, every year, to suggest themes for research, and will be invited to comment on the stated goals of CGeo. 

 All structures may meet in presence or virtually, and will issue brief reports of such meetings.