AAPG European Regional Conference

Publication date: 26-10-2017 14:47

Url: http://erc.aapg.org/2018/

The Atlantic Province is a large, heterogeneous and prolific group of margins and basins. At the same time, it is one of the most eloquent examples of rift-related and present-day set of passive continental margins. Looking globally, the Atlantic margins give us precious insights on the Western European margins, from Iberia in the South to the Arctic regions in the North. This insight may also be extended to past similar situations, as the peri-Tethyan margins, nowadays affected by the alpine collisional evolution.
Analogies are established by the recognition of similarities between objects or situations, defining the ambiguities,dissimilarities or false attributions that may weaken or break the analogy. Parameters such as basin type, tectonic regime, structural setting and many others, are crucial for definition of geologic situations as promising analogues. Analogues in outcropping or even underwater basins, together with large amounts of acquired data, are a major tool for exploring new frontiers or even mature provinces.
This Conference aims to bring together oil industry exploration professionals and academic or independent researchers, to discuss how to approach the Atlantic Margins using global analogues.
Lisbon, a European capital city facing the NorthAtlantic, is a forefront place to discuss these issues. Together with its vibrant urban life, its position close to the sea and the excellence of nearby outcropping analogues, invites you to attend this Conference and taste the Atlantic and Mediterranean flavor of the city and the surrounding landscapes.