Deepwater Interpretation of Continental Margin Basins; Seismic Exploration Drilling; Risk Economics - Deepwater Reservoirs

Publication date: 31-10-2017 14:40

for: Portuguese Speaking Countries 

2017, February 19th – 23rd

Instructors: Dr. Roberto Fainstein and Dr. Rui Pena dos Reis 

Descriptive Summary:
 This is a comprehensive course that addresses to the worldwide developments in deep-water exploration and production. It examines all phases of exploration from pre-planning of seismic surveys to data acquisition execution, accurate seismic interpretation, seismic maps construction, analyses of seismic attributes, definition of prospects, risk appraisal and exploratory drilling plans. Further it examines several aspects of deep-water hydrocarbon production, geo-hazards, development economics and the impact of long-term oil price forecasts on scenarios for portfolio investments in deep-water. The intended audience for this course concerns petroleum professionals involved in deep-water exploration and production, geophysicists, geologists, drilling engineers, rock physicists, reservoir engineers, economists and leading edge computer specialists. 
More information here: Deep Water Course or Curso de Águas profundas
For information about payment and registration, please contact the Geoscience Center through the following email: gustavogarciageo@hotmail.com
The course will be held at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra.