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CASA (Coimbra Architecture Summer Atelier) is an intensive eleven-day workshop organized by the Department of Architecture of the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Combining practical and theoretical modules, CASA focuses on several problems of the city of Coimbra, aiming to work the built environment from its social, architectural and urban context.

It consists mainly of design workshops where participants, guided by workshop tutors, can develop proposals that respond to the themes presented; and in conferences and debates where concepts, ideas and projects are conferred in order to strengthen the  strategies to be developed. Origin is the main theme of this inaugural edition and includes three secondary themes: Void, Ephemeral and Boundary, from which critical solutions are applied to specific problems.  

CASA provides an environment of architectural experiment dedicated to the debate of ideas, the cult of knowledge and the promotion of a cultural space.

Therefore, the participants will find there a space of interaction with professionals who dedicate themselves daily to the contemporary practice of Architecture, as well as to its teaching and research. Embracing diverse nationalities, cultures, ages and formative processes, CASA intends to cross practices, knowledge, experiences, generations and ideas, having as its main goal the creation of innovative design proposals in Coimbra as a contemporary artefact of reflection and intervention.  


The creative process of deciding the name is entirely narrated with the ambition and identity of this initiative, being a result of various important aspects and guidelines.

For us, as founders, it was mandatory to establish a certain detachment from the existing summer schools / ateliers and related events in Portugal. CASA needed to have an identity itself, and this identity would get its roots from: the school, the city – Coimbra – and their intrinsic relationship; a product of the School-City bias.  

CASA is not just a word, or an acronym, that stands for Coimbra Architecture Summer Atelier, it also carries a powerful message and meaning behind four simple  letters. The chosen name (the word CASA) means in the Portuguese: House – or in a more colloquial way and familiar manner, Home. This dichotomy was a playful and light-hearted start for the symbolic choice of the definitive name of this particular and unique event. This powerful nomination, also mirrors one of CASA’s main goals, to insert an idea of bringing back former students, currently working in Portugal or abroad, to return to their home, their place of education, memories and moments, and, through a renewed and deeper critical look of Coimbra, contribute to the education of young professionals and students, by teaching in CASA’s ateliers. So by combining this initiatives’ main goals: the connection with the city – and its territory –, with the Department of Architecture and the former students.  

CASA was born.  

AN ATELIERCASA was founded by architecture colleagues, each one with different backgrounds, curriculums and paths in architecture. The Department of Architecture of the University of Coimbra is what brought them together; and adding this aspect with their will and determination to (still) contribute as much as possible to the school is what triggered this initiative. It was mutual the idea to launch a summer event for all the academic and professional community. So, in a way, this initiative’s main purpose is to embrace professionals, interns and students from various nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. This event would then become a place to gather in a single occasion everyone interested and passionate about architecture, design and urbanism related disciplines, in an environment of co-working and reciprocal learning experiences – all working together for a common purpose – an atelier.

Bruno Gil

João Miranda

Martinho Araújo





Andreas Hermansson Hermansson Hiller Lundberg 

António Belém Lima Belém Lima Arquitectos

Catarina Fortuna João Mendes Ribeiro Arquitecto, Lda

Jorge Teixeira Dias Jorge Teixeira Dias Architects

Luís Miguel Correia COMOCO

Pedro Azevedo Rosmaninho+Azevedo 

Pedro Brígida Pedro Brígida Arquitectos

Samuel Lundberg Hermansson Hiller Lundberg

Susana Rosmaninho Rosmaninho+Azevedo


Bruno Gil

Camilo Rebelo Atelier 1111

Carolina Coelho

João Manuel Miranda

José António Bandeirinha

Martinho Araújo

Susana Lobo




- Intensive Workshop Sessions with the close guidance and support of the Ateliers Tutors

- Site Visits, Intermediate Ateliers Presentations, and Ateliers Presentations Reviews

- Theoretical Sessions (Origin, Void, Boundary, Ephemeral) with the presence of the Ateliers Tutors and the Session Lecturers

- Get to know Coimbra through local visits and to the inside practice ran by architects who will welcome you in their offices, sharing their experiences and workplaces

- Final presentations with guest critics ending with a Closing Lecture, Diploma Ceremony and Closing Dinner Party.



1st early bird

2nd early bird

3rd early bird

300 eur (-25% PRE-BOOK TILL 31st of MARCH)

The application form should be filled and sent to CASA:


400€ (final) From 1st of June till 21st of June / 30th of June  
340€ (-15%) From 1st of April till 31st May  
300€ (-25%) From 1st of February till 31st of March
260€ (-35%) From 1st of January till 31st of January  
200€ (-50%) From 21st of December till 31st of December (Pre-Book)

All registered students in the 2019/2020 school year at the University of Coimbra (with active registration) have special conditions of participation. Confirmation with CASA's team.


The deadline for applications is 30/06/2020.

To apply for CASA, please send the filled application form to:

Payment of the course fee will only be requested after the application is reviewed and considered eligible for participation. This can take up to one week, depending on the number of applicants.

If the applicant is successful, CASA team will send a confirmation email along with payment details and other useful information.

Registration will only be valid after payment confirmation. Cancellation policy:

If the cancellation request is sent before the 30th of June, half of the participation fee will be refunded. Applications cancelled after this date will not be refunded.

DISCLAIMER INFORMATIONThe University of Coimbra and CASA disclaim any liability for any damage to persons or property that may occur during the event (21st to 31st of July). The participants are entirely responsible for arranging their own insurance, including health insurance, travel, accidents, etc.
USEFUL INFORMATIONThe city centre of Coimbra, where the University is located, is a dynamic and diverse area with numerous restaurants, bars and accommodation possibilities, such as hostels, guesthouses and more, all with an affordable pricing.




Where is CASA?

The Summer Atelier will be held at:

Departamento de Arquitetura Edifício Colégio das Artes, Largo D. Dinis 3000-143 Coimbra

When is CASA?

CASA will happen from the 21st to the 31st of July.

In which language will the workshop be held?

Both ateliers and sessions will be held in English. 

CASA team does not require participants to present a language certificate, however, we strongly recommend a good level of fluency.

Where will the Sessions be held?

Sessions will be held at the Department of Architecture.

Are there any specific requirements for participation?

CASA mainly aims to architecture and urban planning students or recent graduates; A strong command of both hand drawing and computer drawing skills is advised.

Do I need to bring my laptop?

Yes, each participant must have their own computer. CASA will provide material for: model making; drawing paper; cutting tools, and rulers (limited to the existent stock). Nevertheless, we encourage each participant to bring their own drawing materials, such as pencils, pens and others.

Will I be granted a diploma / certificate of participation?

Yes, upon successful conclusion of the workshop every participant will be given an official diploma of participation signed by the CASA representative and the Department of Architecture director.

How will I get notified if my application is successful?

CASA team will send a confirmation email informing each applicant whether his application was successful or not.  The review of each application can take up to one week.

Will there be access to Wi-Fi?

During their time in the Department of Architecture students will have free access to Wi-Fi. There is also a free internet server all around the University campus.

Will CASA be responsible for issuing my VISA?

Each participant who requires a VISA (for Portugal) is responsible for obtaining his / her visa on time. CASA will only issue invitation letters for the participants. Please, inform CASA about this matter, as soon as possible.

When is payment due?

The applicant will be asked to pay the course fee once his application is confirmed and accepted, this is done via email, where payment instructions are also sent. Registration will only be valid after payment confirmation. Payment deadline is 30/06/2020; Applications submitted in the 30th of June will have extra time for payment.