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Computer Graphics and 3D Modelling

Name of the Curricular Unit: Computer Graphics and 3D Modelling

Lecturer: Paulo Menezes (pm@deec.uc.pt) 


This course is a graduate-level introduction to the mathematical methods used in modeling geometric shapes for use in CAD/CAM, computer graphics, Augmented and Virtual Reality , and so on. Topics to be covered include: Homogeneous Coordinates and Geometric Transformations; Quaternions and Their Use in Modeling 3-D Rotations and Rigid Motions; Parametric and Implicit Representations for Curves; Splines and Continuity Constraints; B-Splines and the de Boor Algorithm; Parametric Polynomial Surfaces and NURBS; Subdivision Curves and Surfaces; Triangle Meshes for Surface Representation and Reconstruction; Constructive Solid Geometry, Binary Space Partitions, and Conversion Algorithms; Surface Reconstruction from Scattered Data Points; Mesh Simplification and Compression, as well as other Geometry Processing Algorithms; The OpenGL pipeline; Introduction to GPU programming.

Evaluation method: 

Student are evaluated based on the qualitity of a seminar on a selected topic and  a programming assignment of a state-of-the-art technique