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Dependability in Telecommunication Networks

Name of the Curricular Unit: Dependability in Telecommunication Networks

Lecturer: Teresa Martinez (teresa@deec.uc.pt) 


Introduction to graphs (overview of some deterministic network performance measures).Approaches for calculating network reliability (state-space enumeration. inclusion-exclusion, disjoint products, factoring)

Algorithms for paths and cut sets enumeration.

Algorithms for state-space Enumeration.

Reliability Bounds.

Algorithms for (liks, node, SRLG) disjoint routing.

Protection in IP (IP FastRetoute) and MPLS (including FastReroute).

Evaluation method: 

Computer Work with oral presentation (30-50%).Computer Work with oral presentation (30-50%).

Oral presentation on network protection(0-30%).

Written exam (0-70\%).

Class attendance and homework (0-20\%).