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Programmable Electronic Devices

Name of the Curricular Unit: Programmable Electronic Devices

Lecturer: Pedro Faia (faia@deec.uc.pt) 


Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs) of low and medium complexity: Examples of CPLDs: Altera and Xilink families; Block diagrams and components; Allocation of sums of products; "In-system" programming.VHDL language for description, design and synthesis of logic devices: Activity design cycle of a FPLD device; Basic structure; Elements related with PLDs; Hierarchical project.Digital devices associated technologies: Basic structure of CMOS digital circuit; Pull-up and pull-down network structures definitions; Operation and propagation speeds; Line impedance; Signal transmission, reflection and line adaptation procedures.

Evaluation method: 

The evaluation of the course is based on a written dissertation on a specific research theme, evaluated after a public presentation and discussion.