Chemical Process Engineering and Forest Products Research Centre

Ivo Rodrigues


Ivo Manuel Mira Abreu Rodrigues

PhD Student

MSc in Food Chemistry and Quality, 2006 

Diploma in Food Engineering, 2000

BSc in Food Tecnhology, 1991

E-mail address
Research group
Particles, Polymers and Biomaterials Technology (PPB)
Research interests

Valorisation of agro-industry and agro-food by-products 

High pressure processing 

Food products development

Key publications

Rodrigues, I. M., Carvalho, M. G. V.S., Rocha, J. M. F. (2014). Increasing the Protein Content of Rapeseed Meal by Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Carbohydrates, BioResources 9(2), 2010-2025

Pereira, C. D., Henriques, M., Gomes, D., Arede, J., Pires, L., Vaz, A., Viegas, J., Rodrigues, I. (2013). Processo de produção de produtos lácteos à base de concentrados líquidos de proteínas de soro e respectivos produtos, Patente, Pedido Provisório de Patente nº 107016 E, INPI 

Rodrigues, I. M., Coelho, J. F. J., Carvalho, M. G. V.S. (2012). Isolation and valorisation of vegetable proteins from oilseed plants: Methods, limitations and potential, Journal of Food Engineering, 109(3), 337-346. 

Saraiva, J., Rodrigues, I. (2011). Inhibition of potato tubers sprouting by pressure treatments. International Journal of Food Science & Technology, 46, 61–66 

Pereira, C. D., Botelho, G., Rodrigues, I., Franco, J., Esteves, V. (2011). Manual de Conservação e Transformação de Produtos de Origem Vegetal, Ministério da Agricultura do Desenvolvimento Rural e das Pescas, República de Angola