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A.1 – Books
A.2 – Books edition
A.3 – Book chapters
A.4 – Articles in SCI journals
A.5 – Articles in non-SCI journals

A – Publications

A.1 – Books

1. P. Saraiva, J. Orey, P. Sampaio, M. Reis, C. Cardoso, J. Pinheiro e L. Tomé, “O Futuro da Qualidade em Portugal”, livro publicado pela Associação Portuguesa para a Qualidade, 191 páginas, Lisboa (2010) [ISBN 978-972-9388-04-0].

2. Erros Experimentais, ajustamentos e outras coisas mais, Isabel M. A. Fonseca, Editora Gradiva, 2010 (287 pp.).

A.2 – Books edition

3. COST Action E54 -“Characterisation of the fine structure and properties of papermaking fibres using new technologies” (2010), Paulo Ferreira e Jorge Canhoto (Eds.), Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade de Coimbra, Livro de Actas, Workshop and MC9 and WGs Meeting, Coimbra (Portugal), 128 pp., ISBN 978-972-8055-17-2.

A.3 – Book chapters

1 B. Amaro, C. Immanuel, E. Pistikopoulos, A. Daib, K. Hungenberg, P. Saraiva, “Dynamic Process Optimisation in Free-Radical Multicomponent Polymerisation: butyl methacrylate and butyl acrylate case study”, Computer-Aided Chemical Engineering, 28, p. 577-582, Elsevier (2010).

2 A. Pereira, M. Reis, P. Saraiva, J. Marques, “Multivariate Statistical Monitoring of Wine Ageing Processes”, Computer-Aided Chemical Engineering, 28, p. 247­252, Elsevier (2010).

3 M.S. Reis, P. Delgado, “Mega-Variate Statistical Process Control in Electronic Devices Assembling”, Computer-Aided Chem. Eng., vol. 28. Ed. by S. Pierucci and G. Buzzi Ferraris. Amsterdam: Elsevier (2010). ISBN: 978-0-444-53569-6, p 523-528.

4 L. Durães, M. Ochoa, A.T. Portugal, N. Duarte, J.P. Dias, N. Rocha, J. Hernandez, “Tailored Silica Based Xerogels and Aerogels for Insulation in Space Environments”, Advances in Science and Technology, Vol. 63, Vincenzini, P., Riedel, R., Merzhanov, A. G, Ge, C.-C. (Eds.), Techna Group, Faenza, Trans Tech Publications, Stafa-Zurich, 2010, p.41-46. (DOI: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.63.41).

5 L.R. Durães, J. Campos, A.T. Portugal, “Thermite Reactions”, in High Temperature Processes in Chemical Engineering, Lakner, M. (Ed.), Verlag ProcessEng Engineering GmbH, 2010, p.277-307. (ISBN: 978-3-902655-09-7).

A.4 – Articles in SCI journals

1. D. Cordier, O. Mousis, J.I. Lunine, S. Lebonnois, P. Lawas, L.Q. Lobo, A.G.M. Ferreira “About the possible role of hydrocarbon lakes in the origin of Titan’s noble gases atmospheric depletion”, ApJ, 721, L117-L120, 2010.

2. F.A.M.M. Gonçallves, A R. Trindade, C.S.M.F. Costa, J.S. Bernardo, I. Johnson,

I.M.A. Fonseca, A.G.M. Ferreira, “PVT, viscosity, and surface tension of ethanol: New measurements and literature data evaluation”, J. Chem. Thermodyn. 42, 1039-1049, 2010.

3. J. Ponmozhi, F A.M.M. Gonçallves, A.G.M. Ferreira, I.M.A. Fonseca, S. Kanagaraj, N. Martins, M.S. Oliveira, “Thermodynamic and Transport properties of CNT-Water Based Nanofluids”, J. Nano Res., 11, 101-106, 2010.

4. E. Rilo, A.G.M. Ferreira, I.M.A. Fonseca, O. Cabeza, “Densities and derived thermodynamic properties of ternary mixtures 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate+ethanol+water at seven pressures and two temperatures”, Fluid Phase Equilib., 296, 53-59, 2010.

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A.5 – Articles in non-SCI journals

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