Chemical Process Engineering and Forest Products Research Centre

Session 3


Research Seminar #3, May 2, 2012, 14h30-16h

1. Development of self-assembly structures for advanced applications of polymeric materials

Nuno Rocha

CIEPQPF, DEQ-FCTUC, Particles, Polymers and Biomaterials Group

Recently, developments in polymerization techniques have allowed the creation of new molecular structures based on polymeric systems of great interest for a wide range of applications. In fact, the rapid growth of living radical polymerization methods made possible to prepare, for the first time, well defined amphiphilic block copolymeric structures, with controlled composition, architecture and molecular weight, for a wide range of monomers. These new tailor made block copolymers present several key features at the nanoscale that have been explored in several applications, such as advanced coatings formulations or drug delivery system. In this talk, it will be presented how living radical polymerization methods have allowed preparing these innovative self-assembly structures and their contribution for further developments in advanced applications.

2. Molecular modeling and simulation in chemical engineering

Pedro N. Simões and André F. Ferreira

CIEPQPF, DEQ-FCTUC, Computing, Statistics & Materials Group

Scientific modeling and simulation has been established as a crucial element in the design and study of products within the chemical engineering framework. Modern multi-scale modeling and simulation techniques, supported by advanced and high-performance computational resources, form a cost-effective complement and/or alternative to the experimentally based trial-and-error approach traditionally used in the development and study of new materials. This presentation will give a short overview of the application of such new approaches in chemical product engineering.