Maria Graça Rasteiro

Maria Graça Rasteiro (Project coordinator), University of Coimbra, Chemical Engineering Department, Portugal

Graça Rasteiro is a Professor of Chemical Engineering in the University of Coimbra, Portugal. She has PhD and Aggregation in Chemical Engineering by the University of Coimbra. She coordinates the Research Group on Particles, Polymers and Biomaterials integrated in the Research Centre on Chemical Processes and Forest Products which she directed till January 2015. She is an expert on Particle Technology including flocculation studies both at the experimental and modelling levels.

José Gamelas

José Gamelas, University of Coimbra, Chemical Engineering Department, Portugal

José Gamelas graduated in Analytical Chemistry and has a PhD in Chemistry. He has been researcher at CIEPQPF in Coimbra since 2008 and previously he was invited professor and post- doctoral fellow at the University of Aveiro. His scientific areas of interest have been the synthesis and applications of polyoxometalates, fillers modification for papermaking, functionalization of cellulosic pulps with oxidative catalysts for environmental applications, and the assessment of surface properties of materials by IGC.

David Hunkeler

David Hunkeler, aquaTECH, Switzerland

David Hunkeler is the Director of AQUA+TECH Specialties in Geneva. The firm develops, produces and markets polyelectrolytes for water treatment and works in over forty countries. Prior to this he was an academic.

Julien Arnold

Julien Arnold, aquaTECH, Switzerland

Olivier Cayre

Olivier Cayre, University of Leeds, Faculty of Engineering, UK

Olivier Cayre has over 12 years’ experience in colloid and particle science. He obtained his PhD from the colloid and surfactant group at the University of Hull (UK) and worked in the same areas both at North Carolina State University (US) and at the Institute of Particle Science and Engineering in Leeds (UK),where he has been a lecturer since 2012. The main research interests of Dr Cayre’s group lie in the fields of colloid and polymer engineering. 



Anita Lourenço

Anita Lourenço carried out her studies at Faculty of Sciences and Technology - NOVA University of Lisbon, where she received the Master Degree in Biotechnology. During the graduation, she developed polymers for several applications. She is currently doing the PhD in Chemical Engineering in a partnership between AQUA+TECH S.A. and Coimbra University.


Kinga Grenda

Kinga Grenda carried out her studies at the Faculty of Chemistry –Lodz University of Technology, Poland. She received a BSc in Chemistry - Organic Synthesis and a MSc in Chemical Technology, (speciality: Technology of Polymers). Currently, she is doing PhD in Chemical Engineering in a partnership between AQUA+TECH S.A. and Coimbra University.