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Maria da Graça Carvalho

Maria da Graça Carvalho

Maria da Graça Videira Sousa Carvalho

Assistant Professor

PhD in Chemical Engineering, University of Coimbra, 1999

Chemical Engineering Degree, University of Coimbra, 1982

E-mail address

Research group
Particles, Polymers and Biomaterials Technology (PPB)
Teaching activities

Transport Phenomena III: fluid dynamics; theoretical lessons and laboratories 

Transport Phenomena II: heat Transfer, fundamentals and applications, equipment design (heat exchangers, condensers and evaporators);  theoretical lessons and laboratories 

Transport Phenomena III: mass transfer, fundamentals and applications (design of packed absorption columns); humidification, drying. Theoretical lessons and laboratories 

Instrumentation and Analytical Techniques: UV/vis spectroscopy, elemental analysis, chromatography

Pulp Science and Technology. Theoretical lessons and laboratories 

Research interests

Chemical characterization of lignocellulosic materials 

Kraft pulping and Pulp bleaching: chemistry, kinetic modelling of wood components reactions, and technology

Use of enzymes (xylanases) in pulp bleaching: effect on brightness stability and on chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide consumptions

Integrated Biorefinery in a pulp mill: valorization of hemicelluloses (extraction prior to wood pulping) and valorization of pulp mill sludge rich in cellulosic compounds (SSF process)

Valorization of forest residues and agro-industrial products: i) protein isolation or concentration from defatted rapeseed; ii) wood/lignocellulosic residues (using ionic liquids).

Funded research projects

"PAPERBRIGHT - High Performance Bleached Pulps: From Basic Knowledge to Advanced Technology", funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), 2011-2013.

EMSURE - Energy and Mobility for Sustainable Regions (CENTRO-07-0224-FEDER-002004) funded by MAIS CENTRO, 2013-2015

 New modified fillers for papermaking (NEWFILL) PTDC/EQU-EQU/120578/2010; Partners: FCTUC, RAIZ, UBI, UA, funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), 2012-2014

"Pulp delignification with Oxygen" funded by BIMSweden company 2014

"BIIPP 11552 – Integrated Biorefinery in the Pulp and Paper Industry" funded by QREN in consortium (Soporcel, Raiz, UAveiro, FEUP, FCTUC) 2010-2012

Key publications

Rodrigues, I. M., Carvalho, M. G. V. S., and Rocha, J. M. S. (2014). "Increasing the protein content of rapeseed meal by enzymatic hydrolysis of carbohydrates," BioRes. 9(2), 2010-2025

Pedro E. G. Loureiro, Joana I. T. Sousa, M. Graça V. S. Carvalho, Dmitry V. Evtuguin (2013), Contribution of xylan to the brightness development and stability in the final ECF bleaching of eucalypt (Eucalyptus globulus Labill.) kraft pulp. Holzforshung. vol 67 Volume 67 (5), 497–503

Pedro E. G. Loureiro, M. Rosário M. Domingues, António J. S. Fernandes, M. Graça V. S. Carvalho, Dmitry V. Evtuguin (2012) Discriminating the brightness stability of cellulosic pulp in relation to the final bleaching stage. Carbohydrate Polymers. 88(2):726-733

Pedro E.G. Loureiro, António J.S. Fernandes, Fernanda P. Furtado, M. Graça V.S. Carvalho, Dmitry V. Evtuguin (2011), UV-Resonance Raman micro-spectroscopy to assess residual chromophores in cellulosic pulps. J. Raman Spectrosc. 42(5), 1039–1045

Area, M. C., Carvalho, M.G.V.S., Ferreira, P.J., Felissia, F.E., Barboza, O.M., Bengoechea, D.I. (2010) The Influence Of Pulping And Washing Conditions on The Properties of Eucalyptus grandis Unbleached Kraft Pulps treated with chelants, Bioresource Technology 101, issue 6 (2010) 1877–1884

Loureiro PEG, Fernandes AJS, Carvalho MGVS, Evtuguin DV. (2010) The assessment of chromophores in bleached cellulosic pulps employing UV-Raman spectroscopy.Carbohydrate Research, 345:1442-1451.

Loureiro PEG, Domingues EF, Evtuguin, DV, Carvalho MGVS. (2010) ECF bleaching with a final hydrogen peroxide stage: impact on the chemical composition of Eucalyptus globulus kraft pulps. BioResources, 5:2576-2580;2010

Mendes, C.V.T., Carvalho, M.G.V.S., Baptista, C.M.S.G., Rocha, J.M.S., Soares, B. I. G., Sousa, G.D.A; (2009) “Valorisation of hardwood hemicelluloses in the kraft pulping process by using an integrated biorefinery concept”, Food and Bioproducts Processing, (special issue“Biorefinery Integration”) 87(3): 197-207.

Cátia V.T. Mendes, Cristina M.S.G. Baptista, Jorge M.S. Rocha, M. Graça V.S. Carvalho (2009) Prehydrolysis of Eucalyptus globulus hemicelluloses prior to pulping and fermentation of the hydrolysates with the yeast Pichia stipitis, Holzforshung, vol 63, pp 737-743. DOI 10.1515/HF/2009.106

J. P. F. Simão, A. P. V. Egas, M. G. Carvalho, C. M. S. G. Baptista, and J. A. A. M. Castro (2008) Heterogeneous studies in pulping of wood: modelling mass transfer of alkali. Chem Eng Journal 139(3) 615-621

Theses supervision

Ivo M.M.A. Rodrigues (ongoing) "Valorization of defatted oilseeds”  PhD thesis in progress. University of Coimbra (2010 -    )

Pedro E.G. Loureiro (2011). Studies on the final bleaching of E. globulus kraft pulps with hydrogen peroxide, PhD thesis. University of Coimbra. (co-supervision)

João P.F. Simão (2008) “Kinetics of the kraft cooking phases”, PhD thesis. University of Coimbra. (co-supervision) 

Sofia M.F. Mota (2005) “Application of peroxide in the bleaching of Eucalyptus kraft pulps”, MSc in Engineering of the Pulp Production Processes for Paper, 2nd ed. 2003/2005 (co-supervision)

Cátia V.T. Mendes (2009) "Bioethanol production from Eucalyptus globulus hydrolysates fermentation”,  MSc in Environmental Engineering. (co-supervision)

Other information

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-6636-3133

For a full list of projects and publications please see