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Colóquio: Minimizing greenhouse emissions in vehicle routing

Publication date: 24-01-2013 09:36

Gilbert Laporte

The Vehicle Routing Problem holds a central place in distribution management. In the classical version of the problem the aim is to distribute goods to a set of geographically dispersed customers under a cost minimization objective and various side constraints. In recent years a number of researchers have started investigating the joint minimization of cost and greenhouse emissions in vehicle routing, giving rise to the so-called “Pollution-Routing Problem”. Whereas cost depends primarily on distance travelled, emissions are a function of distance, vehicle load, speed and a variety of other factors. The aim of this talk is to describe recent research results in this context.

Gilbert Laporte (Canada Research Chair in Distribution Management, HEC Montréal)

28 de Fevereiro, quinta-feira, 15h00
Sala 2.4, Departamento de Matemática da FCTUC

(Com o apoio de INESC-Coimbra.)