Química Orgânica

Organic Chemistry

The organic chemistry research group has as its coordinator Professor Teresa Pinho e Melo. Currently, the group consists of nine full members, the group coordinator, Associate Professor with Habilition, a Full Professor Emeritus, four Assistant Professors, one Assistant Researcher, three post-doctoral researchers, two MSc’s researchers and several PhD and MSc students.

The overall objectives of the group are focused on contributing to the knowledge of synthetic and mechanistic organic chemistry as well as on developing and establishing synthetic methodologies that will allow the preparation of compounds to be used for specific purposes, namely, in the area of medicinal chemistry.

One of the main research topics of the group is developed by the group coordinator and currently her collaborates include three PhDs M. Isabel L. Soares, Ana Lúcia C. Cardoso and Susana M. Lopes, four PhD students, one MSc researcher as well as MSc students. This area of research focuses on synthetic and mechanistic heterocyclic chemistry namely Pericyclic Reactions of aza- and diazafulvenium methides, Chemistry of Small Ring Heterocycles, Synthesis of new Spiro-Penicinallates, Functionalized 1H-Tetrazoles via Hetero-Diels-Alder Reactions, Synthesis and Functionalization of Dipyrromethanes, Porphyrin Chemistry and Allenes as Building blocks in organic synthesis. Development of New Bioactive Molecules is also one of the research topics.

Porphyrin Chemistry is an area of research started in this research group more than 30 years ago by the former coordinator, Professor Rocha Gonsalves. Over the years several of the senior full members have been actively involved in the development of synthetic methods to build tetrapyrrolic macrocyles and derivatization of such compounds allowing the establishment of significant competences to modulate these structures for photodynamic applications among others.

PhDs Elisa Serra and Dina Murtinho have been carrying out studies on asymmetric catalysis. The work involves development and synthesis of chiral ligands from chiral pool precursors and their use as catalysts in alkylations, cyanations and Strecker reactions. Studies on the synthesis of thiazolidines and derivatives to be used as chiral ligands have been initiated, in collaboration with the group coordinator. The synthesis of novel ligands to complex with radioactive technetium for evaluation as hypoxia detectors and the synthesis of metal complexes of salen ligands with potential cytotoxic activity are also research topics developed by these two researchers.

Marta Pineiro develops studies on microwave assisted synthesis and on the development of sustainable processes for the synthesis of nitrogen heterocycles, from porphyrins to pyrimidines, with biological activity. Ongoing studies are the use of porphyrins for photodynamic therapy, pointing to the development of new delivery systems, namely, nanolipids and gold nanoparticles. Analytical studies are carried out to fulfill industrial solicitations.

Some research is carried out in collaboration with other groups from the University of Coimbra and from other national and foreign Universities, being important components of our research group framework.

Academic Staff (Membros Integrados)

Teresa M. V. D. Pinho e Melo (FCTUC, Associate Professor)

António M. d’A. Rocha Gonsalves (FCTUC, Full Professor, Emeritus)

Maria Elisa S. Serra (FCTUC, Auxiliar Professor)

Marta Piñeiro Gómez (FCTUC, Auxiliar Professor)

Dina M. Bairrada Murtinho (FCTUC, Auxiliar Professor)

Ana M. T. D. P. Vicente Cabral (FFUC, Auxiliar Professor)

Research Staff (Membro Integrado)

Maria Isabel Lopes Soares (FCTUC, PhD Researcher)

Associated Members (Colaboradores)

Americo Eduardo de Castro Lemos (FFUA, Auxiliar Professor)

Arménio Coimbra Serra (FCTUC, PhD Researcher)

Jorge António Ribeiro Salvador (FFUC, Full Professor)

Sílvia Maria Alexandre Gramacho (FCTUC, MSc Researcher)

Dora Cristina Silva Costa (FCTUC, MSc Researcher)

Post-Doctoral Fellows (Membros Integrados)

Ana Lúcia Cabral C. Lopes (FCT)

Bruno Filipe Oliveira Nascimento

Susana Margarida Martins Lopes (FCT)

PhD Students

Andreia Sofia Rodrigues Oliveira

Bruna Cecília Suzano dos Santos (FCT)

Carla Sofia Palma Grosso

Catarina Isabel Aguiar dos Santos (FCT)

Fernanda Maria Ribeiro Laia (FCT)

Nelson António Melo Pereira (FCT)