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Escola de Estudos Avançados


People Management and Organisational Performance

Programme Coordinators Teresa Carla Oliveira
Luís Moura Ramos
Numerus Clausus 35 vacancies
Duration 1 year (two semesters)

Escola de Estudos Avançados  - FEUC
E-mail: eea@fe.uc.pt
Tel: + 351 239 790 501/510

Applicant Support Service

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Course Presentation

The specialisation course in Personnel Management and Organizational Performance is designed to be an answer to the need for professional development in the area of ​​human resource management and, also to ensure specialized training to graduates who wish to deepen their knowledge in the area. The course offers an in depth understanding of human resource management policies and practices and their impact on employee well-being and organisational performance. It employs a multidisciplinary approach to further understanding and discussing the complexity of the social, economic and legal aspects encompassed by people management.

Target Group

. Managers and professionals seeking to develop people management skills and implement HRM policies and practices, whether in the private, public or social sector;

. Graduates seeking to gain research skills in the issues addressed in the course.

Study Plan

The course has two semesters, and is structured in eight compulsory courses (48 ECTS) and the remaining credits (12 ECTS) are obtained in optional courses. Among the compulsory courses there are two seminars, one in each semester, with a distinct nature. One seminar aims at developing instrumental / interpersonal competencies within a systemic approach, the other aims to allow the international circulation of researchers around themes defined annually. Of the two optional courses, selected from a group annually defined, at least one is chosen in Management. The other will be chosen among the courses offered in the following scientific areas: Management, Law and Research in Management. A Diploma is awarded on the completion of the course (60 ECTS).

Access to the preparation of a dissertation that will confer the degree of Master in Management is dependent on obtaining the 60 ECTS of the course, the approval in the Research Methodology course and the approval of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Economics.

Languages of instruction: Portuguese and English

Please see HERE the study plan

Teaching Staff

Ana Abrunhosa (FEUC, CES) / Catarina Frade (FEUC, CES) / Filipe Almeida (FEUC, CES) / João Fontes da Costa (ESTGOH-IPC, CEISUC) / Lina Coelho (FEUC, CES) / Luís Moura Ramos (FEUC, GEMF) / Margarida Mano (FEUC) / Patrícia Moura e Sá (FEUC, GEMF) / Ricardo Rodrigues (Kingston Business School, CEISUC) / Stuart Holland (CEISUC) / Teresa Carla Oliveira (FEUC, CEISUC) / Victor Raposo (FEUC, CEISUC)

The course will have the collaboration of professors and researchers from international institutions, such as, the Kingston Business School, King's College London, Birkbeck College - University of London and Warwick Business School, under the thematic seminar aimed at sharing conceptual frameworks and results of research / studies in People Management. Within the remaining courses, they will receive the collaboration of invited lecturers, and one will be oriented by an invited lecturer.

Academic Calendar and Timetable

1st semester: September-December

2nd Semester: January-July

The course will function on Fridays (2 pm to 8 pm) and Saturdays (8 am to 5 pm).

Eligibility Requirements

• Holders of a higher education degree

APPLICATIONS: Selection Criteria, and weight

1.1 Academic Curriculum: Bachelors' Degree3/10
1.2 Academic Curriculum: other academic degrees1/10
1.3 Academic Curriculum: Knowledge of English language / Publications / Research2/10
2.1 Professional Curriculum: evaluation of professional career2/10
3.1 Motivation (includes an interview to asses applicant's profile)2/10

APPLICATIONS: Documents to upload

In the case of students holding diplomas of foreign higher education institutions, official certificates must be authenticated by the Portuguese embassy or consulate of the country of origin, or by the Apostille of the Hague Convention; if they are not written in Portuguese, Spanish, French or English, they must be translated to Portuguese by a translator recognized by Portuguese diplomatic representative.

  1. Letter of Motivation (MANDATORY) (which may either be uploaded, or directy written in the platform)

  2. Copy of identity card (MANDATORY only for international candidates)

  3. Curriculum vitae in the Europass format (http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/) (MANDATORY)

  4. Certificate of Higher Education 1st Cycle Degree with final grade obtained (MANDATORY, except for University of Coimbra students)

  5. Certificate of other higher education degrees with final grade obtained (MANDATORY, if any)

  6. Certificate of English language proficiency (MANDATORY, if any)