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Seminário Jean Monnet | Maxine David | 20 ABR

Publication date: 15-02-2017 09:40

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Information or Propaganda in the EU’s Attempt to Counter Russian Disinformation Campaigns?
Maxine David

20 de abril de 2017 (11h)
FEUC - Sala Keynes

Dr Maxine David is a Lecturer in European Studies at Leiden University and Research Fellow at the Global Europe Centre, University of Kent, UK. She is a Foreign Policy analyst, specialising in Russian and EU foreign policy.
She has co-edited and contributed to a number of special issues and edited collections on EU-Russia relations and is currently working on a monograph for Palgrave: The Triumph of Agency in Russia’s Foreign Policy.
Maxine's areas of interest include Foreign Policy Analysis and the foreign policies of Russia, the European Union, the UK and USA and interactions between these actors.
Aside from the foreign policies of the specific actors above, she is interested in a range of foreign policy issues, including international intervention, regionalism and internet governance, each of which are the subject of analysis in different chapters in her forthcoming book on Russia's foreign policy.
Maxine has a PhD in International Studies and an MSc in European Politics, Business and Law from University of Surrey, UK.
She is Editor of the Journal of Contemporary European Research: www.jcer.net and on Twitter @JCERJournal
Maxine has an extensive, wide-ranging teaching portfolio and is currently teaching on EU-Russia Relations and the ENP.