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Roads to Democracy(ies) - Democracia e Governação

Roads to Democracy(ies) - Democracia e Governação

Programme coordinatorsVirgínia Ferreira (Faculty of Economics)
Programme in collaboration withUniversity of Siegen (Germany)
Language of instruction / evaluationEnglish

The Master's "Roads to Democracy(ies)” aims to develop a broader understanding of how the concept of democracy has been understood and applied. It is aimed that students will develop the ability to understand and comment on the mechanisms that underlie the existing conceptual diversity, as well as the ways in which democratic transitions have been made. It is also expected, on the one hand, that students develop the necessary skills to allow them to critically and independently assess the democratic developments in national and supra-national; on the other hand students are expected to acquire awareness of the fragility of the democratic institutions and the importance of the concept of citizenship in the democratic process. Finally, through additional and specialized training, the programme will promote the acquisition of working tools, expertise, capacity for reflection, research, coordination and planning that will allow the execution of research projects autonomously. This Master's degree results from a partnership including the University of Coimbra (Faculties of Arts & Humanities and of Economics), and the University of Siegen. Each participant University contributes to the programme with a particular focus. Coimbra is responsible for strengthening the strand "Democratization and globalization" and Siegen the strand "Democratization, Political Cultures and Media".

Graduates of the M.A. Roads to Democracy(ies) will be employable in a wide variety of fields. The Master‘s programme provides a good basis for responsible positions in, e.g.: civil service on the local, regional and national levels, journalism, international organisations (non-governmental and governmental), culture agencies and cultural heritage institutions, public and private research institutions and institutes of higher education, internationally operating companies, political parties, private associations, foundations, national and international aid and development agencies.  Furthermore, the Master‘s degree enables students to pursue their studies to obtain a PhD degree. In the University of Coimbra, there are at least two PhD Programmes taught in English that offer scholarships on a competitive basis, covering tuition fees and including a monthly allowance:

  • HUMAN RIGHTS IN CONTEMPORARY SOCIETIES (5 scholarships) (http://www.ces.uc.pt/pt/doutoramentos/programas-de-doutoramento/human-rights-in-contemporary-societies)


Study Plan in alteration process for 2018/2019.

Masters' Programme Flyer, University of Siegen

Legal diploma of the program Democracia e Governação — Roads to Democracy(ies)

Programme accredited by the Agência para a Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior (A3ES) in 2017 for 3 years.