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Grupo de Estudos Monetários e Financeiros

Artigos Publicados em 2007

Rita Martins; Adelino Fortunato. (2007). “Residential water demand under block rates: A Portuguese case study.” Water Policy 9 (2): 217-230.

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Pedro Bação (2007). “Data Aggregation and Estimates of Persistence.” Journal of Economic and Social Measurement 32: 113-127.

Fátima Sol (2007). Money Market Daily Session: An UFH-GARCH Model Applied to the Portuguese Case before and after the Introduction of the Minimum Reserve System of the Single Monetary Policy. Brussels Economic Review, 50(3): 285-314.

João Sousa Andrade (2007). “La These de Feldstein-Horioka: Une Measure de la Mobilité Internationale du Capital." Panoeconomicus 2007(1): 53-67.