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Notas Económicas

Número 20 - Dezembro de 2004

International Conference "Economic Policies in the New Millennium"

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black_s1 Economic Policy, Innovation and Growth
Antoine d'Autume

black_s2 Short-term Deviations from Monetary Policy Commitment in a Monetary Union: The degrees of freedom of an independent central bank
Muriel Dal-Pont; Dominique Torre; Elise Tosi

black_s2 Identification of Monetary Policy Shocks: A graphical causal approach
Alessio Moneta

black_s2Régimes Monétaires et Théorie Quantitative du Produit Nominal au Portugal (1854-1998)
João S. Andrade

black_s2Economic Policies and Elections: A pricipal-agent point of view Antonio Caleiro

black_s2Human Capital, Mechanisms of Technological Diffusion and the Role of Technological Shocks in the Speed of Diffusion: Evidence from a panel of Mediterranean countries
Maria Adelaide Duarte; Marta Simões

black_s2German Labour Markets – The case for more flexibility
Peter Rühmann

black_s2The Use of Cost and Time in Project Decision Trees: A model and an application
Pedro Godinho; João Paulo Costa

black_s2The Pricing of Systematic Liquidity Risk in Stock Markets
J. L. Miralles Marcelo; Mª del Mar Mirales Quirós; J. L. Miralles Quirós

black_s2Questioning Rationality: The case for risk consumption
Maria Isabel Clímaco; Luís Moura Ramos

black_s2Impactes des accords le libre échange Euro-tunisien: évaluation par un modèle d'équilibre géneral calculable en 1996
Haykel Hadj Salem