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Faculdade de Letras

Enrolment and Fees


For an efficient programming of the intensive course, the organizers kindly ask the prospective students to make their application until the 4th of January 2017. In order to do so, you need to:

  • fill in the enclosed application form (in word format)and send it by e-mail;
  • send, by e-mail, scanned copy (in color) of your passport or I.D.; we need the page which contains the student photo.


Once in Coimbra, students must address themselves in the faculty of arts and humanities (Faculdade de Letras), to Gabinete de Relações Internacionais, entrance floor, corridor on the left, in order to complete the registration, pay the course fee and obtain all the information regarding the course.


Erasmus students of the University of Coimbra: 275 Euros

General public: 325 Euros

Study medical insurance (for general public): included in the course fee.

All payments are non refundable.

Any anticipated payment can also be made by bank transfer. For more information, please contact Gabinete de Assuntos Académicos - Relações Internacionais by e-mail saari@fl.uc.pt


The course fee includes the final certificate which implies 75% of attendance, in each subject.