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Faculdade de Letras

Guidelines for Authors

1. Submission of articles and recensions / book reviews

The articles and recensions submited for publication must be originals and in accordance with the editorial standards adoped by the journal. They will be object of anonymous peer review. The whole process is carried out in accordance with the Code of Ethics. Guide to good practice for journal editors of the University of Coimbra (Editorial policies).

All submitted papers must be sent to biblos.fluc@fl.uc.pt with the following data: author’s name, postal address, email address and telephone number.

Papers that are not in a digital format must be sent to:

Biblos. Revista da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra

Gabinete de Comunicação e Imagem

Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra

Largo da Porta Férrea

3004-530 Coimbra (Portugal)

2. Publication of articles

2 1. Text format and length

Articles written in German, Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese are accepted. The text in total must not exceed 45 000 characters with spaces, including abstract, notes, bibliography, etc.

The article should be in Arial font with spacing 10 between lines.

At the beginning, the article must include the following in successive paragraphs: the title aligned to the center, Arial font in bold, 14 point font; the subtitle, in case there is one, aligned to the center, Arial font in bold, 9,5 point font; the author’s name, email address, and institutional affiliation (if the author belongs to several institutions, two of them can be mentioned); the abstract containing up to 800 characters 14 point font both in the language in which the article is written and in English, or, if the article is in English, in any of the other languages accepted by the journal; a list of keywords containing five words in both languages of the abstract.

At the end of the article, there must be a bibliography mentioning exclusively the titles that were referred to in the text.

Footnotes must be brief, just for explanations or occasional comments, the essential matters must be included in the text. Footnote callouts must appear before punctuation.

2 . 2 Text Formatting

The text must be formatted in Microsoft Office Word in A4 page format, top, bottom, left and right margins must be 2.5 cm wide, the text alignment must be justified, with an increase of 0.5 cm in the first line of each paragraph, Arial font, 10 point font, and page and notes sequentially numbered.

Subtitles without any numbers, must be formatted according to the following scale:

Level 1: Aligned to the left in Arial font in bold, 13 points font.

Level 2: Aligned to the left in Arial font in bold, 12 points font.

Level 3: Aligned to the left in Arial font in bold, 11 points font.

Level 4: Aligned to the left in Arial font in bold, 9 points font.

Besides the titles there must be no other underlined or bold usage. All links must be removed.

Quotes must be presented in curly quotation marks (“ ”), unless they exceed the length of three lines, in which case the text should be emphasized by one space and a 1,5cm indentation to the left, in a 9 points font and followed by the reference of the work quoted in abbreviated form.

Footnotes must be written in Arial font, 8 points font, and the alignment must be justified.

Graphics, tables, maps, and any illustrations, must be executed in Illustrator and saved in their original form (extension.ai). The graphics can also be made in Excel, as long as they are saved as TIFF format. It is required that photographs are in CMYK mode in TIFF format and a resolution of 300 dpi.

Each item must be sent in an individual file, and there should be an indication in the text stating where it must be inserted.

The author has the responsibility to obtain permission to publish images subject to copyright.

2. 3 Organization of the final bibliography

Authors should use APA style (American Psychological Association)

- Monographs

Author’s Surname, First Name(s) (date). Book Title: subtitle (Ed. / Transl. / ed. n.). Place: Editor.

- Articles or Essays included in monographs

Author’s Surname, First Name/s (date). Chapter’s Title / part of the Book. In First Name(s) Surname (Ed. / Coord.), Book Title: subtitle (page numbering). Place: Editor.

- Articles in serial publications

Author’s Surname, First Name(s) (date). Article’s Title: article’s subtitle. Publication’s Title, volume number or supplement, pages.

- Non published manuscripts (like thesis, dissertations or other kind of works):

Author’s Surname, First Name(s) or collective author (date). Item’s Title: subtitle. Kind of publication, Institution, Place, Country.

- Electronic publications

Author’s Surname, First Name(s) or collective author (date). Item’s Title: subtitle. Number, Place: Editor. Consulted on day-month-year, electronic adress.

2 4. Abbreviated quotes

The indication of a source must be in an abbreviated form, preferably within the text, following the model author and date (author’s surname, date: page).

The names of the several authors, editors, etc. must be separated by :

The place(s) of edition must be an exact transcription of the original.

In the final bibliography — must be used to refer to the same author.

The first letter of the author’s surname must be written in uppercase and the following letters in lowercase.

3. Publication of recensions / book reviews

The source under recension/ review must be identified according to the style used in the bibliography.

Recensions / Book reviews must not exceed 7 000 characters with spaces.