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Lu Jiang

Lu Jiang

Membro Integrado

Morada Institucional:

Department of Philosohy,

Sun Yat-sen University

Xingang Xi Road Nr. 135

51275 Guangzhou



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Qualificações Académicas


Áreas de Investigação

Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy, Aristotle and Aristotelism, Kant.

Principais Publicações

Ockhams Theorie der Modalitäten: Metaphysische, natürliche und historische Notwendigkeit, Berlin: Logos, March 2016.

Das Schematismuskapitel in Kants Kritik der reinen Vernunft, München: AVM Verlag, 2013.

“The Goodnes of Human Nature in Matteo Ricci’s Catechismus Sinicus and its scholastic background”, in Modern Philosophy, 2016 Issue 7, pp. 81-87 (in Chinese).

“Interpersonal Connectedness and Transcendence of Person in Eastern and Western Culture”, in Transcending Boundaries. Practical Philosophy from Intercultural Perspective, edited by Walter Schweidler, St. Augustin: 2015 , pp. 123-144.

“Ockhams Modal Syllogism and His Transformation and Development of Aristotle’s Modal Logic”, in World Philosophy, 2015 Issue 6, pp. 112-129 (in Chinese).

Co-authored with Christian Erbacher, “Wittgenstein and Occam. A Philosophical Conversation”, in Philosophy Now, 111 (Dec.2015/Jan.2016), pp. 30-33.

“Two Sides of the Concept of Free Will in Kant’s Philosophy: Practical Reason and Free Choice”, in Collected Essays in Social Sciences, 2015 Issue 3, pp. 5-12 (in Chinese).

“The Law of Non-Contradition of Aristotle: A Logical or a Metaphysical Principlem”, in World Philosophy, 2014 Issue 4, pp. 124-132 (in Chinese).

(together with Michael Neecke): Historisches Verstehen als Vision und Reminiszenz, Berlin: Parodos, 2015.