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Roads to Care


People attending our Colloquium from abroad may arrive in Portugal either by Lisbon Airport or Oporto Airport. We recommend that once arriving you take the train or the bus to Coimbra. Of course, it is also possible to rent a car at the Airport facilities. Coimbra distances from Porto (taking the direction of the south, highway A1) about 130 km and from Lisbon (taking the direction of the north and the same highway A1) about 250 km. 

After your arrival, in both cities, it is possible to get the main Train Station or the Main Bus Stop using the Subway, the city transfer or the taxi services. For those arriving from Lisbon and wish to take the train, they should go to GARE DO ORIENTE (subway: ORIENTE STATION) and from those arriving from Porto, to CAMPANHÃ STATION (subway: CAMPANHÃ STATION); for those wishing to arrive at Coimbra by bus, we recommend the Terminal of the REDE EXPRESSOS at Praça Marechal Humberto Delgado, Estrada das Laranjeiras, 1500-423 Lisboa (subway LARANJEIRAS STATION), or the Terminal of the same REDE EXPRESSOS at Praça 24 de Agosto, 125 . 4300-096 Porto (subway 24 DE AGOSTO STATION).

For information regarding the services of both train and bus, please check, respectively:

  • https://www.cp.pt/passageiros/en/train-times
  •  http://www.rede-expressos.pt/default.aspx

Once arrived, please choose the taxi services to go to the Hotel previously reserved by yourself. 

 As regards Hotels, Hostels or other lodging facilities in Coimbra, please contact first the website of the Coimbra Tourism Office:

  • http://www.turismodecoimbra.pt/en/