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Fermented product based on milk whey permeate: production processes and uses

Publication date: 05-04-2012 10:58


Breve descrição

The present invention is related with fermented products based on milk whey permeate, production processes and uses. More specifically, it is related with fermented products containing at least between 4.75 x108 and 2.14 x109 CFU/ml lactic acid bacteria and between 8.50 x105 and 1.55 x107 CFU/ml of yeast from kefir. The pH of the product is within the 4-5 range and can exist as a liquid, lyophilized or spray dried product. The product is obtained by fermentation of milk whey permeate with kefir grains and/or a concentrated culture from kefir grains. The fermented product can be in the liquid, lyophilized and dried powder forms and can be used in animals and human beings feed.

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Patente nº WO2011005128
Data de prioridade 07-07-2009
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