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A new method and apparatus for monitoring fruit quality and ripeness using light-induced luminescence  

Publication date: 05-04-2012 10:58


Breve descrição

The present invention relates to a method for the in vivo characterization of the quality and state of ripeness of fruits and vegetables characterized in that it uses light- induced luminescence of their aroma as a characteristic feature. The apparatus for the in vivo monitoring of the quality and state of -ripeness of fruits and vegetables according to the said method comprises: a holder (8) for supporting to the sample; a monochromatic light emitter (1) connected to a first optical fibre (2), used for luminescence excitation in an irradiated interfacial region of a vegetable or fruit (7); a second optical fibre (3) connected to a spectrometer (4), used to detect the luminescence spectrum; a device for measuring the values of parameters based on the intensity of the spectral distribution of the emission in discrete wavelengths; ; a computer (5) and spectrometer (4) and computer program (6) to compare the said spectral intensity measurements with threshold curves in steps of 10-20 run.

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Patente nº PT103290
Data de prioridade 14-06-2005
Estado legal Concedida
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