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Targeted delivery to human diseases and disorders

Publication date: 05-04-2012 10:58

Terapia e Diagnostico

Breve descrição

The present invention provides a system presenting site-specific accumulation through a ligand that specifically targets a receptor overexpressed on the surface of specific cells within a target organ, like, for example, tumor cells and/or vascular cells of tumor blood vessels. Moreover, this invention provides a method where, upon internalization of the previous-mentioned system by the target cells, triggered release at a high rate of the associated agent takes place, permitting efficient intracellular delivery and, thus, increased concentration of the transported cargo at the target site. Overall, this invention provides a method for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of human diseases and disorders.

Propriedade intelectual

Patente nº WO2009142525
Data de prioridade 22-05-2008
Estado legal Pendente
Documento de patente 
Licenciamento Treat U, Lda