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Non-leaching nanoparticle formulation for the intracellular delivery of hydrophobic drugs and its use to modulate cell activity and differentiation 

Publication date: 05-04-2012 10:58

Terapia e Diagnostico

Breve descrição

The present invention relates to polyelectrolyte nanoparticles able to induce neurogenesis only after being internalized by subventricular zone stem cells. The differentiated cells express typical neuronal markers including neuronal nuclear protein (NeuN), NMDA receptor subunit type 1 (NRl), and respond to the depolarization of KC1. The nanoparticles offer an opportunity for the in vivo delivery of pro-neurogenic factors and the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. This system is focused on the delivery of hydrophobic small molecules, such as retinoic acid and other retinoids, 3, 3 ', 5, 5 ' -tetraiodo L-thyronine (T4), 3, 3 ', 5 ' -Triiodo-L- thyronine (T3) and others, which have the particularity of acting upon nuclear receptors. The proposed formulation is able to increase dramatically the drugs solubility, promote cell internalization of the drug and enhance its actuation. Most importantly, the formulation is able to mediate a cellular effect, only after cell internalization and not due to prior drug release.

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Patente nº WO2011145963
Data de prioridade 20-05-2010
Estado legal Pendente
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