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Visa request

Non-EU citizens wishing to study or conduct research in Portugal need to request a visa to the nearest Portuguese Consulate/ Embassy of their city of residence.

After enrolment/ acceptance, the University of Coimbra sends students/ researchers a letter of acceptance. This letter must be annexed to the remaining documents required by the Portuguese consular services, upon visa request. The visa request should be done by the visa applicants in as short a time as possible before the start date of their stay in Portugal.

Inform yourself about the types of visa that apply to your case, required documents, and procedures at the nearest Portuguese Consulate/ Embassy of your city of residence (search for location and contacts in the interactive map of the Portuguese Communities’ Office).

The visa request, the associated costs, and the collection of documents required by the consular services are the sole responsibility of the visa applicants.

The evaluation and validation of the requests and visa issuing are the sole responsibility of the consular services.