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Non-degree courses

UC offers several non-degree courses for students and professionals looking for short specialised training in specific subjects or languages learning:

Post-graduate specialisation courses

These are specialised post-graduate courses with short duration with advanced course units, which may correspond to the 1st year of master study programmes or to independent specialised study programmes. This type of courses do not imply the elaboration of a thesis and confers a non-degree diploma certificate. The number of credits depends on the duration of the courses. These courses are usually chosen by graduates or professionals holding a bachelor degree in order to complement their initial training and perform better certain functions in their professional lives or even as a preparation period to follow further higher education studies.

Learn more about these courses here.

Language and culture courses

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities offers several language and culture courses taught by native speakers, from the European modern languages such as Portuguese, English, French, German or Spanish to the Asian languages such as Chinese or Japanese.

Learn more about these courses here.

Distance learning

UC offers also distance learning courses taught in Portuguese in several areas, but also blended learning courses, which combine the e-learning and the face-to-face modalities. 

Learn more about these courses here.