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Financial support

Ministries of education, foundations, university networks and other public and private organisations in several countries offer financial support to those interested in studying or conducting research abroad. For that reason, before leaving, search for the funding opportunities that your country has to offer.

After your admission as a UC student, you may apply and befenit from financial support in the form of awards or merit scholarships.

UC merit scholarships for international students

The international students who enter the University of Coimbra (UC) through foreign higher education entry examinations such as ENEM, International Baccalaureate, A-Level, Gaokao and Liankao, will have the opportunity to apply to merit scholarships.

Other UC merit scholarships

The University of Coimbra offers annually a scholarship to the best undergraduate and master students corresponding to an amount equal to 5 times the national monthly minimum wage.

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3% Award

The University of Coimbra offers annually an award, to the 3% of the best students of each degree programme, corresponding to an amount equal to the difference between the maximum and the minimum tuition fee.

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